Gergel, s.r.o.

Konstrukce, výroba a opravy jednoúčelových strojů a zařízení CNC obrábění, kovoobrábění zámečnictví

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Manufacture of machinery

  • Manufacture of precise machine parts and units according to the assigned documentation, mainly machine parts of machine tools, textile machines and machines for packaging technology.
  • Customized piece manufacture and small-series manufacturing according to the supplied technical documentation, mainly manufacture of prototype equipment, preparations and special equipment for different engineering uses.
  • Part machining in 5 axes, continuously.
  • Manufacture of welded parts and units designed for the bearing structures of machinery units.
  • Welding of structural steel, stainless steels, light alloys and nonferrous metals.
  • Manufacture of all machinery parts, including all surface finishes.
  • Assembly of prototype equipment for the designed machines, including implementation of subsequent series production.