Gergel, s.r.o.

Konstrukce, výroba a opravy jednoúčelových strojů a zařízení CNC obrábění, kovoobrábění zámečnictví

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Construction machinery

We provide for our customers: Designs of new prototype machinery, construction of jigs for...


Manufacture of machinery

Manufacture of precise machine parts and units according to the assigned documentation, mainly machine parts of...


Repair of machinery

Overhauls of your existing equipment, mainly machines from the area of food production Modernisation and...



is company with confirmed tradition founded in 1992. It deals with construction and production of single-purpose machines and equipment, reparation of machine manufacturing equipment and supplies of conveyer systems notably used in the foodstuffs industry. Company is supplier of machine parts and units for important companies in the Czech republic and from abroad. The company aim is orders realization in high quality, required terms and competitive prices. In 2018 received company certification by EN ISO 9001:2015 standards at DNV. At present day have company 20 employees.


What we have to offer in design:

  • developing new prototypes
  • quality working drawings for your products made by our experinced designers by Autodesk INVENTOR 2019 and Mechanical 2019 programs
  • strength calculations for your products
  • 3D graphic computer visualisation of prototypes
  • printing and copying of technical documentation
  • design of operation and maintenance manuals

What we have to offer in design in manufacture:

  • production of machine parts and unites according to the required documentation
  • design and production of new custom-made machines and equipment
  • renovation and adjustment of your current equipment
  • fast repairs in case of breakdown
  • maintenance and servicing of your current equipment
  • overhauls of your current equipment